Electronic lifestyles is celebrating 30 years in Business. A big thanks to all our clients.

Electronic Lifestyle’s update.
We do supply essential services so we will be in the store from Monday to Friday 11-4. Our doors will be locked and NO customers will be allowed to enter. We will provide curbside pickup and delivery to your door. We will be answering phones and will continue to offer support and sales were we can.
Please STAY home, we will get through this if we limit exposure.
Thank you for understanding,
Greg and Marg

Current Flyer

For all of our rural friends who suffer with either speed or price issues with internet, Electronic Lifestyles in Orillia has a solution. Call us today about Xplornet’s new system. Speeds up to 25 MPS and packages up to 200 gigs. Now you can stream to your hearts content.
If you can get Satellite TV then this system will work for you.
Give us a call 705-327-0128 or email at electroniclifestyles01@gmail.com


Xplornet Jupiter